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Sneak Peeks: Maria and Gerald's St Mary's Cathedral and QVB Team Room Sydney Wedding

Gee I love Filo weddings. They just seem to have the perfect mix of culture, tradition, emotion, amazing smiles, and bad ass dance moves. It could just be that the fantastic Maria and Gerald came from perfect families and happened to invite the perfect crowd, but Iā€™m guessing that their day is pretty much par for the course for this friendly and graceful nation.

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One From The Weekend: Angelika and Joseph

St Mary's Cathedral in the heart of Sydney CBD was originally built in 1821 but destroyed by fire in 1865. Three years later construction started on the current Gothic Revival style cathedral which, with a length of 107m, is the longest church in Australia. Famous for its iconic twin spires and soaring vaulted ceilings, St Mary's is a popular venue for weddings and we were thrilled to capture its majesty for the first time on Saturday when we documented the marriage of Angelika and Joseph.

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