Ask Me Anything

How would you describe your photographic style?

If I’m being fancy I’d say it’s documentary or photojournalistic, but the bottom line is that I observe, anticipate and capture moments as they naturally unfold in order to tell an authentic story about your wedding. Throughout the day I shoot from different perspectives, sometimes from far away to get a wide shot, sometimes up close in the thick of the action, and the rest of the time from amongst your guests so you can see how they experienced the day. When it comes to bridal party and family photos I’m happy to provide a bit more direction and guidance to keep things on track, but my priority is letting you relax and have fun hanging with your besties!

How many hours do you shoot for?

My album packages include 10 hours of coverage which is perfect for capturing the day from getting ready through to everyone getting loose on the dancefloor. You can extend your coverage by up to two additional hours to make 12 hours in total, and if you think you’ll need less than 10 hours just let me know and I’ll be happy to look at creating a custom package for you :)

I also offer a coverage only service of 5 hours, which is perfect if you're having a lunchtime wedding or intimate elopement or if you’re undecided about having an album. Additional hours can be added as required.

Are you discreet?

Absolutely. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m a ninja because I’m 5’10” with a pretty solid build and don’t sit in trees wearing black, but I fully respect the importance of the day and keep noise and distractions to a minimum at all times. I also use state of the art, compact mirrorless cameras which means you’ll never see me running around with mountains of gear and you won’t have to fear a huge lens being thrust in your face. But once the dancing starts it’s a different story and there's every chance you'll find me in the middle of the dancefloor capturing everyone's special moves and quite likely breaking out a few of my own! 

What do you wear?

I dress smart enough for the occasion and comfortably enough for a day of shooting, typically a shirt, chinos and my trusty Rollies.

Are you insured?

Yep, I have public liability insurance of $10 million and can provide your venue with a certificate if required.

How do we receive our images?

I’ll shoot through some sneak peeks for you to share a day or two after the wedding and deliver all your edited images 4-6 weeks later via a password-protected web gallery which offers heaps more options than USBs or DVDs (which, let’s face it, will either stop working or get lost):

  • It's hosted up in the cloud so your photos will always be safe from theft or fire

  • It allows you to view your images from any computer, anywhere in the world

  • It can be shared with your friends, family and anyone you send the link and password to

  • It allows you to create multiple "favourites lists" so you can share different sets of images with different groups of friends and family

  • It allows you to mark images as private so no one else who views your gallery can see them

  • It allows you to download your images in high resolution

  • It also has a shopping cart function so you and your guests can order fine art prints as souvenirs of the big day

Your gallery will remain online for at least two years giving you plenty of time to download the images and make use of the features.

Do we need a wedding album?

If photos are important to you and you're looking to invest in a great photographer then your favourite images deserve to be showcased in a beautifully crafted album that complements the quality of the images. A professional album also protects and preserves your favourite images and will always provide a thrilling experience as the pages are turned for generations to come.

Albums are also futureproof. If you only have jpeg files how do you know if they will be readable in 10, 20, 50 years time? Floppy disks and DVDs used to be the norm but how would you view them now? Even USB ports are disappearing from laptops. And will Facebook still be around when your grandkids ask to see your wedding photos?

To provide the best experience possible all my albums are crafted by Queensberry of New Zealand, widely regarded as the finest album company in the world.

Any chance of a discount?

My package prices are fixed in order to be fair to all my couples, but I’m always happy to look at creating a custom package to meet any special requirements.

Do you charge travel fees?

It depends. I love the opportunity to travel so if the drive is within two hours or so from my home studio in Canberra (e.g. Southern Highlands and South Coast) there are no additional costs.

However, for weddings further afield there’s a travel fee of $300 - $500 depending on the distance and how many nights accommodation may be required.

If you're getting married interstate or overseas then return airfares, car hire and two nights accommodation will need to be factored in.

We would love to feed you to keep your energy up. What do we need to know?

Oh that’s very considerate of you - thanks! It’s true that I burn heaps of calories being on my feet all day so I would love a main course for myself and my second photographer if you’re having one (venues usually refer to these as crew meals). And there’s extra awesomeness points heading your way if my meal can be served at the same time as yours, as that way I’ll finish at the same time as you and can be ready to cover you mingling with your guests or delivering a speech.

Are there any wedding vendors you can recommend?

Where do I start?! I've made heaps of great friends and I’m proud to include over 50 of my nearest and dearest wedding vendors in The Circle Of Trust.

I hope this is useful but if you have any other questions I'd love to answer them, so please drop me a line.

Milton, you sound awesome, what are the next steps?

Aww, thanks for the love guys! Well just as chemistry is key to finding your perfect partner I believe it's important for you to feel a connection with your photographer and vice versa. So the first step is to book an appointment to drop by my home studio in Canberra (if you’re based locally) or Skype so we can get to know each other, chat about your wedding plans and cover off any questions you have.

After your appointment I'll send you links to an online contract and booking form. If you'd like to book me simply complete the contract and booking form and then I'll send you an invoice for 50% of the cost of your chosen package which will lock me in for your date. The balance of payment will be due four weeks prior to your wedding and I'll drop you a line when it's due.