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One From The Weekend: Emma and Daniel In Our Season Finale

We were super excited for Emma and Daniel's wedding for several reasons. Amy has been close to Emma and her parents since she was a child, and with Amy's father and several friends attending as guests, this was always going to be an intimate occasion. This was also our last wedding of the season and that's always a reason to celebrate because as much as we love weddings, it's also important to have a break and recharge before the next season begins.

Emma and Daniel's wedding was also special because it was the final wedding we'll attend before our own wedding in just under three week's time! And after documenting a day full of fun, awesome speeches and lots of dancing, Amy and I headed home inspired and excited for what lies ahead for our big day.

And on that note we'll be taking a break for a couple of months until we return from our honeymoon in late August.

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