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One From The Weekend: Gretta and Greg

A few days before the wedding Gretta mentioned that she would probably be the most relaxed bride I've ever photographed. I'm still not sure whether it was a warning or a statement, but either way it was true. Through hair and make up, getting dressed and getting to the ceremony Gretta didn't show a single moment of stress, anxiety or nerves. She was calmness personified.

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One From The Weekend: Sascha & James

As we strolled Centennial Park in the winter sun, Sascha and James explained that doctors and lawyers are not the most compatible of professions. But while they may not be seeing eye to eye right now, don't be fooled; this pair have fortunately bucked the trend. But in any case James knows that if ever considers taking legal action, Sascha will have no trouble stitching him up.

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