Sneak Peeks: Emily and Shane's Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel Wedding


It was supposed to rain.

I don't like to think negatively on a wedding day, especially knowing from experience that the coastal weather forecast can be highly unreliable. But it was supposed to rain, as in 90% chance and a possible thunderstorm in the afternoon, as in when the outdoor ceremony was scheduled for.

So when I arrived at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel to cover Emily getting ready, I was bracing myself for a conversation with a disheartened bride who had resigned herself to the wet weather contingency plan.

I had clearly underestimated Emily.

The outdoor wedding was going ahead as planned and nothing was going to persuade this confident, sassy bride otherwise. Come hell or high water we were going with plan A.

I wanted to mention that it had started to drizzle during our drive to Watsons Bay, and I wanted to show her the radar map on my weather app that indicated an impending apocalypse. But I didn't. Emily had won me over. I knew it wasn't going to rain.

And it didn't. For the rest of the day. Not a single drop. Don't ask me how. But I bet Emily had something to do with it.

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