One From The Weekend: Carling And Pete Rock Out at Their Moby Dicks Wedding


During her wedding speech at the fabulous Moby Dicks in Whale Beach, Carling admitted that watching Top Gun from start to finish was one of the achievements that she wouldn't have otherwise fulfilled if she hadn't met Pete, so it seemed wholly fitting that when they took to the floor for their first dance, it was to Berlin's iconic theme tune "Take My Breath Away". 

Well, that's how it started. About halfway through the romantic dance that had been enhanced by phantom bubble blowers, the song screeched to a halt and the tempo and volume notched up several places as "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" by The Darkness came blaring through the speakers. The change of pace clearly stunned Carling but Pete was straight into character donning his favoured 3D glasses and air guitar for an epic solo riff before the bridal party joined in for a good old mosh.