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One From The Weekend: Bella and Jono at Allview Escape, Blue Mountains

After more than seven years and 250+ weddings you'd think we would have seen everything. But Bella and Jono's wedding at Allview Escape in the Blue Mountains delivered two firsts for us. The first was a real milestone - our first wedding in the Blue Mountains (I'm still trying to get my head around that) while the second was seeing our first leaf shower! How good does it look especially with those gorgeous autumn colours?! More of that please!

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One From The Weekend: Anushka and David's Mindaribba House Wedding

This year we spent Australia Day celebrating with Anushka, David and all their guests at the gorgeous Mindaribba House. Fittingly the day was also about the coming together of different cultures and this was reflected in the beautiful ceremony which incorporated both Sri-Lankan and Anglo elements.

From the bride and groom: "What a thrill to open this email as we connected to the wifi at Kyoto station after a long train journey. Thank you so much for being there. You both managed to put a very camera-shy couple completely at ease and photograph some beautiful candid moments. You have perfectly captured all the fun, love and excitement of the whole day. Looking forward to seeing the full gallery when it is ready!"

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One From The Weekend: Katie and James Choose Petals Over Permission

Call me an old romantic but there's something quite magical about the handful of seconds when the newlyweds walk through a shower of confetti or petals. Unfortunately it's now quite a rare event as many ceremony venues and locations forbid the throwing of anything that causes a mess. Katie and James were pretty sure that a petal shower at their ceremony venue, the Killara Uniting Church, would be frowned upon but they were so keen to have this moment of fun that they decided to be a bit naughty and went ahead with it without consulting the minister. Their quite compelling reasoning was that it's better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission and surely God is forgiving, right? It's hard to argue with that theory!

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One From The Weekend: Bec and Keran At The Grounds Of Alexandria

It's always a pleasure to shoot weddings at the urban cafe / farm / playground that is The Grounds of Alexandria, especially when it's with a gorgeous couple like Bec and Keran. As they had a late afternoon ceremony we only spent six hours with them, but their infection smiles meant we shot just as many images as we would for a full day!

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One From The Weekend: Rebecca and Mitch

Rebecca and Mitch are two of the most genuinely beautiful people we've ever met and we'd been looking forward to their wedding for quite some time. On the day torrential rain and hailstones threatened to prove that choosing Friday 13th for their wedding would be unlucky, but the weather cleared just long enough for a triumphant exit from the gorgeous St Michael's Anglican Church in Vaucluse and we couldn't have been happier for them.

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