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One From The Weekend: Kimberley & George

QT Sydney is one of the most amazingly eclectic hotels we've ever seen. Based in the iconic State Theatre and Gowings building in the heart of the CBD, QT Sydney has taken old school elegance, added a twist, and served it up in a martini glass of quirky glamour.

It was therefore the perfect setting for location photos with Kimberley & George, a couple whose destiny seemed inevitable when they met at a costume party dressed as Batman and Catwoman. When I heard this story I couldn't help but think of the old school Batman TV series from the 60s, but as they shared a quiet moment, George was suddenly the quintessential, modern, Bruce Wayne.


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One From The Weekend: Sascha & James

As we strolled Centennial Park in the winter sun, Sascha and James explained that doctors and lawyers are not the most compatible of professions. But while they may not be seeing eye to eye right now, don't be fooled; this pair have fortunately bucked the trend. But in any case James knows that if ever considers taking legal action, Sascha will have no trouble stitching him up.

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One From The Weekend: Rebecca & Jed

Rebecca and Jed are possibly the most organised couple you'll ever meet. Here are two examples:

For the proposal Jed designed and created an iPhone app that he installed on Rebecca's phone. The next morning Rebecca discovered the new icon which, when activated, led her (with Jed in tow) on a treasure trail of cool places around Sydney. They finally finished up at Watsons Bay where a picnic (secretly set up by Jed's brother) lay waiting for them. With the sun setting over the harbour the timing couldn't have been more perfect for Jed to pop the question. And the whole thing was captured by his brother, hiding in the bushes.

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One From The Weekend: Annie & Frank

When I realised it was time to get out of my parents' hair and buy my own apartment, I started a search that would last for an entire year. I viewed over a hundred properties across the boroughs of South London but none of them grabbed me with that instinctive gut feel I was told I would feel.

Eventually I found my dream home in the most unlikely place. It was a huge Victorian conversion literally around the corner from my folks, on a beautiful, wide, tree-lined avenue that I used to walk along twice a day on the way to school and back. I couldn't believe that what I spent a year looking for had been under my nose all the time. But then again you see things differently when you're grown up, don't you?

Annie attended the gorgeous Santa Sabina college whilst living literally across the road from it. I wonder if, as a girl, she ever imagined that the historic buildings she saw every day would eventually provide the perfect location for photos on her wedding day?

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One From The Weekend: Jess & Grant

When it comes to special requests I try to be as accommodating as possible, and if necessary I'll pull out a bit of magic.

Jess was keen to have a photo under one of the big trees on Observatory Hill in The Rocks area of Sydney; a simple enough request given that she was marrying Grant just around the corner at St Brigid's. However, the weather gods had other ideas and their big day started under a heavy grey cloak as torrential rain wreaked havoc across Sydney. Not good. And by the time we arrived at the church there was no sign of improvement. The gumboots the girls had bought that morning looked like they were going to see action.

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One From The Weekend: Dee & Mike

When we first met Dee and Mike we knew they were a very special couple. The love and connection between them was immediately apparent and we knew that their wedding day would be one to remember.

Fast forward six months and we were proved correct. From high emotions during both the bride's and groom's prep, through to the amazing Maori and Chilean dance performances and heartwrenching speeches at the reception, it was an honour to capture all those moments. 

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One From The Weekend: Anna & Ellis

I could say this is an image of Anna jumping for joy whilst looking captivatingly ethereal in her gorgeous flowing gown. 

The truth, however, is that despite her hazardously high (but freakingly awesome) Alexander McQueen heels, she was still facing a challenge to be at eye level with her towering beau Ellis.

So, being a resourceful young lady, alternative methods of height adjustment were explored.

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