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Four From The Weekend: Shell and Brodie's First Look

We love a first look and it seems that the couples we work with increasingly do too as we're doing more and more of them. And what's not to love? Having the first look (and bridal party photos) before the ceremony means the photos are done and out of the way early so you don't need to leave your guests after the ceremony and can instead maximise your time with them.

First looks also mean you can use a special location that we might not be able to get to after the ceremony. Shell and Brodie's first look took place on the beach just outside Shell's parents' home where she got ready. It's a special place where they would hang out sitting on the little boat, so to include that in the images made them even more special.

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One From The Weekend: A First Look For Karina and Les at Watsons Bay

We love first looks and it seems that you do too as we're getting more and more requests for them!

For Katrina and Les, this gorgeous blue weatherboard house in Watsons Bay was the perfect place to meet and spend some private time together ahead of their ceremony at Robertson Park and reception at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel. As you can see, Karina looked absolutely beautiful in her Karen Willis Holmes dress, Vivienne Westwood shoes, and ornate headpiece, and it's safe to say Les was in complete agreement!

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One From The Weekend: Kristen Meets Kevin

We love the moment when the father of the bride sees his little girl in her wedding dress for the first time, although his level of reaction is never guaranteed. Sometimes it's more smiley and "OMG!" which is awesome, but there's nothing like watching a grown man's heart melt in an instant as it did when Kevin arrived to escort Kristen to her wedding to Matthew. We later heard that Kevin never cries, so capturing this intimate moment was a true highlight of the day for everyone involved.

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One (GIF) From The Weekend: When Sarah Met Tristan at Bells at Killcare

A first look is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time prior to the ceremony. It's a radical departure from the tradition of the groom not seeing his bride until she walks down the aisle, but it still delivers on nerves and excitement as the groom spins round to see his beautiful bride for the first time.

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