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Sneak Peeks: Emily and Shane's Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel Wedding

It was supposed to rain.

We don't like to think negatively on a wedding day, especially knowing from experience that the coastal weather forecast can be highly unreliable. But it was supposed to rain, as in 90% chance and a possible thunderstorm in the afternoon, as in when the outdoor ceremony was scheduled for.

So when I arrived at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel to cover Emily getting ready, I was bracing myself for a conversation with a disheartened bride who had resigned herself to the wet weather contingency plan.

I had clearly underestimated Emily.

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One From The Weekend: Chloe And Josh (And Their Babies) At Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel

Weddings are quite rightly about having a damn fine party with those who are closest to you. But sometimes not everyone can make it and we quite often hear mention of grandparents who are no longer with us or just too frail to make the journey.

During Chloe and Josh's reception, however, we heard about how their beloved "babies" aka Chubbs and Mr Chow couldn't attend. Well that's what they thought until a surprise gift photo was revealed showing their gorgeous canines wearing party hats and ready to get down! It was a fantastic moment that gave us some priceless expressions!

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One From The Weekend: A First Look For Karina and Les at Watsons Bay

We love first looks and it seems that you do too as we're getting more and more requests for them!

For Katrina and Les, this gorgeous blue weatherboard house in Watsons Bay was the perfect place to meet and spend some private time together ahead of their ceremony at Robertson Park and reception at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel. As you can see, Karina looked absolutely beautiful in her Karen Willis Holmes dress, Vivienne Westwood shoes, and ornate headpiece, and it's safe to say Les was in complete agreement!

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