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One From The Valentine's Weekend: Caroline and Jarrod

If you were to envisage a hectic wedding day it might well involve a waterside ceremony on a scorching day under the Harbour Bridge where it's really windy in the shade (and let's not forget the trains rumbling overhead), surrounded by tourists who have come out in force to enjoy the weather, the Chinese New Year sculptures, and the sight of dozens of fun runners wearing nothing but red underwear because it's Valentine's Day.

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One From The Weekend: D and M in a Starship on Sydney Harbour

While Brisbane was busy hosting the G20 another group of international delegates was gathered on Sydney Harbour for D and M's wedding. Note how we can't disclose their full names due to security measures that surpass those of the G20. But suffice to say, Aussie-Sri Lankan D works for the United Nations and met German M in France, and through their journey they made friends from around the world resulting in guests from at least ten nations flying in for the wedding.

And perhaps fittingly for such a global collective of Earthlings, the wedding took place on a futuristic floating venue with the galactic name Starship Sydney.

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