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One From The Weekend: Paula and Chris Get Dramatic At Palm Beach

It was one of those days that wedding photographers dread: the sound of rain as soon as you wake up and a 90% chance of showers for the whole day. Add to that a 5pm sunset and the setting of the northern beaches where the only shelter is the kind that buses stop at, and you know you're going to be thinking on your feet from the get go.

But the gods decided to smile upon Paula and Chris by putting on a dramatic show whilst parking the wet stuff just long enough for them to get hitched and make use of their classic Kombi up at Palm Beach. Good onya Thor.

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Maddy and Dan: A Sydney Wedding At The Boathouse Palm Beach

It's taken all of seven months to share this marvellous wedding with you. I have no excuses, save for the fact that as a child I had a notorious habit of hoarding sweets in the expectation that the pent up anticipation of eating them would make them taste better. Inevitably by the time I decided to break the padlock and enter high GI nirvana I was disappointed to find that they had all turned to a sugary mush.

So, just in case the internet goes into meltdown tomorrow (which it could well do seeing as the World Cup has just kicked off), here's the wonderfully relaxed wedding of Maddy and Dan, two super-cool kids who chose the laid back setting of Palm Beach to host their celebrations.

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One From The Weekend: Maddy and Dan

They arrived at The Boathouse for their cocktail reception a little later than they were scheduled to, but that's all good; when you're having a beach wedding the last thing you worry about is clock watching. And besides, a wedding is a live event, not a rehearsed production, so as long as everyone enjoys the day that's all that matters.

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