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One From The Weekend: Alissa and Ben

One of the biggest dilemmas Amy and I faced when planning our honeymoon was whether to go away for five or six weeks (#firstworldproblems). Then out of the blue came an enquiry from Alissa and Ben whose wedding date meant that our honeymoon could "only" be a maximum of five weeks. Whilst we could have said that we were unavailable in order to get a six week break, we had a feeling that we should at least set up a consultation before making a decision, and we're so glad we did.

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On Location: Jackie and Cem at Observatory Hill, Sydney

Natural backdrops are always popular for wedding photos and for city weddings a visit to the park offers a nice contrast to the surrounding urban landscape. Moreton Bay fig trees are a particularly popular setting, which isn't really surprising given their size and the fact that two of the most iconic trees in Sydney are figs located outside Dunbar House in Watsons Bay and on Observatory Hill in The Rocks.

The challenge in photographing a tree is to use it effectively and I also like to push myself creatively by trying to use a tree differently each time.

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Penny and Mat: A Wedding at The Garrison Church and MCA, Sydney

I don't think I've ever used the word "epic" to describe one of our weddings but if there's ever going to be a suitable time, this is it.

But don't get me wrong, Penny and Mat's wedding wasn't epic as in mountains, helicopters and sabertooth tigers. It was epic as in bursting with more love, energy and bromances than we've ever witnessed.

In saying that there was an epic view from the InterContinental and some seriously epic lighting in the Garrison Church. The transformation of the Museum of Contemporary Art by The Collaborative and Pollen took epic to a new level, and let's not forget the partying that redefined the definition of epic.

Ok, it was epic in every sense. Enjoy (epically).

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One From The Weekend: Penny and Mat


We'd been looking forward to this wedding for a long time. Amy was especially excited as she has known Mat since she was just three years old.

So when Mat called me the day before the wedding to inform me that he had contracted glandular fever, my heart sank and I feared the worst. He said he'd be ok but I was doubtful.

I'm such a fool.v

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One From The Weekend: Jess & Grant

When it comes to special requests I try to be as accommodating as possible, and if necessary I'll pull out a bit of magic.

Jess was keen to have a photo under one of the big trees on Observatory Hill in The Rocks area of Sydney; a simple enough request given that she was marrying Grant just around the corner at St Brigid's. However, the weather gods had other ideas and their big day started under a heavy grey cloak as torrential rain wreaked havoc across Sydney. Not good. And by the time we arrived at the church there was no sign of improvement. The gumboots the girls had bought that morning looked like they were going to see action.

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