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One From The Weekend: Jayde and Will At The MCA

Very few people have heard of my small home town of Lewisham in south east London, so photographing the wedding of a couple from Lewisham - in Sydney - was one of the least likely scenarios ever imaginable. But it happened! Jayde and Will came across a wedding we photographed at the Museum of Contemporary Art, booked us after a video Skype call and a year later made the long haul flight to Sydney to tie the knot.

If that wasn't special enough their UK entourage consisted of mainly of friends who also lived in Lewisham and the surrounding suburbs. As I chatted to them about life back in "sarf east" London whilst surrounded by the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House I realised I was truly experiencing the best of both worlds.

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Penny and Mat: A Wedding at The Garrison Church and MCA, Sydney

I don't think I've ever used the word "epic" to describe one of our weddings but if there's ever going to be a suitable time, this is it.

But don't get me wrong, Penny and Mat's wedding wasn't epic as in mountains, helicopters and sabertooth tigers. It was epic as in bursting with more love, energy and bromances than we've ever witnessed.

In saying that there was an epic view from the InterContinental and some seriously epic lighting in the Garrison Church. The transformation of the Museum of Contemporary Art by The Collaborative and Pollen took epic to a new level, and let's not forget the partying that redefined the definition of epic.

Ok, it was epic in every sense. Enjoy (epically).

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