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Four From The Weekend: Shell and Brodie's First Look

We love a first look and it seems that the couples we work with increasingly do too as we're doing more and more of them. And what's not to love? Having the first look (and bridal party photos) before the ceremony means the photos are done and out of the way early so you don't need to leave your guests after the ceremony and can instead maximise your time with them.

First looks also mean you can use a special location that we might not be able to get to after the ceremony. Shell and Brodie's first look took place on the beach just outside Shell's parents' home where she got ready. It's a special place where they would hang out sitting on the little boat, so to include that in the images made them even more special.

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One From The Weekend: AJ and Jo Go Down A Different Path

Meet AJ and Jo aka AJO. They're a super creative and adventurous couple and were determined to do things a little differently for their wedding, so they had a first look (during which time this shot was taken - btw check out AJ's salmon pink blazer!), followed by a ceremony at AJ's family home, and a reception at Killcare Surf Club. They didn't have a wedding cake (opting instead for a dessert table with half a dozen different cakes - YUM!) and rather than having a first dance they surprised their guests by bursting into song and inviting their guests to have the first dance! Now that's what I call going down a different path!

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Three From The Weekend: Moira and Danny At Bells At Killcare

Moira and Danny are two of the most wonderful humans we've had the honour of meeting. They found each other when both of their lives were at an all time low and then went on to create an incredibly strong, loving family along with their five amazing kids from previous marriages.

We spent the day with this self-proclaimed Brady Bunch at the gorgeous Bells At Killcare on the Central Coast, and while there were plenty of tears throughout the day there was an overriding sense of fun and joy; things that are definitely worth documenting.

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One From The Weekend: That time when Diesel Rocked Up At Rachel and Jake's Wedding

Whether or not you're planning a wedding, there's a good chance you've dreamt, thought or had discussions about which of your favourite musicians you would love to perform at your wedding. I certainly have, and if my best man is tuned into this post I hope he gets the not so subtle hint that I would absolutely love for Stevie Wonder to rock up at Byron Bay next year when Amy and I get hitched!

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Angela and Steve: a Central Coast wedding at Bells at Killcare

We were keen to feature one more wedding from 2013 before the year bids adieu and that honour goes to Angela and Steve. Their intimate lunchtime wedding at Bells at Killcare was perfect; just twelve guests plus a few kids and all of them bar the best man and maid of honour were family. Angela looked incredible with her pale blue Carla Zampatti dress flowing gently in the light coastal breeze while Steve's navy suit and open necked white shirt perfectly complemented the elegant but relaxed setting. 

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