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Sneak Peeks: Courtney and Nash's Bendooley Estate, Southern Highlands Wedding

This was a wedding about resilience and perseverance. It’s often said that the only thing you can’t control on your wedding day is the weather and for Courtney and Nash the weather was their foil on Saturday at Bendooley Estate. I’d been watching the weather forecast all week, and on the day itself I was keeping an eye on the radar map every hour. The forecast had been heavy rain and a high likelihood of a thunderstorm but as we approached the ceremony time with no sign of the wet stuff heading our way the positive vibes started flowing that we would get through the ceremony unscathed. And we almost did.

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One From The Weekend: Peta and Aaron Jump For Joy at Bendooley Estate

As we wandered the gorgeous grounds of Bendooley Estate in the southern highlands I spotted a trampoline and half jokingly / half seriously asked Peta if she'd like to try it out. What I never expected was for Peta to then reveal that she's a physio for the Australian trampolining team. So from that moment on there was only ever going to be one outcome.

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One From The Weekend: Verena and Stefan


Sometimes everything just falls into place.

Three weeks ago I received a call from the incredibly talented stylist Victoria Cameron asking if I was available to help her clients Verena and Stefan who, due to issues with an unscrupulous photographer, needed to find a rather more reliable professional for their big day. It's always heartbreaking and frustrating to hear of couples who are placed in such an uncomfortable situation when they are planning the happiest day of their life, so I was delighted to confirm that I was available.

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