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Three From The Weekend: Moira and Danny At Bells At Killcare

Moira and Danny are two of the most wonderful humans we've had the honour of meeting. They found each other when both of their lives were at an all time low and then went on to create an incredibly strong, loving family along with their five amazing kids from previous marriages.

We spent the day with this self-proclaimed Brady Bunch at the gorgeous Bells At Killcare on the Central Coast, and while there were plenty of tears throughout the day there was an overriding sense of fun and joy; things that are definitely worth documenting.

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One From The Weekend: Karina and Aaron At Bells At Killcare

It was one of the wettest days ever. Much of the drive up to and back from Bells at Killcare on the Central Coast had the wipers on double speed, and needless to say Karina and Aaron's outdoor ceremony was brought into the conservatory. But just as we've seen time and time again, no one was fussed, stressed or concerned about the rain; it was all about being happy for the union of these two gorgeous souls.

As it turned out there was a break in the rain of around ten minutes when we hurriedly made use of the grounds around Bells and got some great images. But I've decided to share this darker image which sums up how Karina and Aaron's high spirits shone through all day long.

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One (GIF) From The Weekend: When Sarah Met Tristan at Bells at Killcare

A first look is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time prior to the ceremony. It's a radical departure from the tradition of the groom not seeing his bride until she walks down the aisle, but it still delivers on nerves and excitement as the groom spins round to see his beautiful bride for the first time.

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Angela and Steve: a Central Coast wedding at Bells at Killcare

We were keen to feature one more wedding from 2013 before the year bids adieu and that honour goes to Angela and Steve. Their intimate lunchtime wedding at Bells at Killcare was perfect; just twelve guests plus a few kids and all of them bar the best man and maid of honour were family. Angela looked incredible with her pale blue Carla Zampatti dress flowing gently in the light coastal breeze while Steve's navy suit and open necked white shirt perfectly complemented the elegant but relaxed setting. 

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One From The Weekend: Angela and Steve

Posing. The very word strikes fear into the hearts of couples and photographers alike.

No surprise then that pretty much every couple we meet with tell us that they love our bridal portraits but hate the idea of posing or being away from their guests for too long. That's cool because we don't like posing either and we definitely don't want to turn a wedding day into a photoshoot. So we reassure them that posing is kept to an absolute minimum and most of the images they see don't involve any posing at all. We simply head to a location with beautiful light, let them spend some time alone with each other, and get them back to their guests. Cue looks of scepticism.

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