One From The Weekend: Leigh, Brian and a ninja on a rooftop


Sunday was like the book of revelations (well, minus the four horsemen and all that nasty death and destruction).

It was the last day of winter and I was up on a rooftop with newlyweds Leigh and Brian. The Ninja was also lurking around in the shadows but more on that later.

Rewind a few days earlier and I'd been discussing with Leigh and Brian where we could go for location photos. After throwing around a few ideas they sent me a message "we have a few ideas for pics that are really us. We're thinking a cafe in Potts Point... and a rooftop."

Revelation 1: I was stunned that I hadn't thought of that myself. After all, I've known Brian for years and should have realised much sooner that wandering around The Rocks isn't him at all. As a former long time Potts Point resident it made a lot more sense that they should hang out in the part of the city that really means something to them. So after their ceremony in Glebe we headed to said rooftop (which was so amazing I honestly could have spent hours up there) and then on to their favourite cafe, La Buvette, where the bridal party enjoyed a casual, al fresco late lunch. It was the perfect way to use that sometimes awkward window of time between the ceremony and reception, so take note all you engaged couples!

Rooftops and cafes are also much more my thing. After documenting over a hundred weddings I can shoot the popular wedding locations with my eyes shut, so from a creative point of view I'm all for places that are different, unusual and unique, but most importantly from a documentary perspective I love places that the couple have a personal connection with.

Revelation 2: After around seventy weddings as my second photographer this wedding demonstrated that Amy is truly coming of age. She has gained so much experience and confidence and her ability to capture images from positions and perspectives that both complement and contrast with mine is just awesome. So I'm proud that today's image is one of Amy's!

In addition Amy has perfected the technique of stealth to the level of shadow warrior. Hence why even Leigh was calling Amy "The Ninja" on the day.

Revelation 3: After weeks of rain in Sydney we had nothing but blue skies. What a way to end winter and head into spring and the new wedding season!