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Striking Gold At The 2015 AIPP NSW Epson Professional Photography Awards

At precisely this time last week I was experiencing a rather eclectic mix of exhaustion, elation, excitement and nervousness. Day one of the 2015 AIPP NSW/ACT Epson Professional Photography Awards was completed, and as the NSW President of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) I found myself in the interesting position of being an organiser, entrant, panel chair and judge! As such I was shattered from running around The Muse gallery at Sydney TAFE in Ultimo, making sure the day went smoothly. But I was also excited that three of the four images I entered into the Wedding category won silver awards while the fourth image scored a 79, just one point shy of a silver! This was my best result to date at the state's most prestigious professional photography competition, but it wasn't over yet.

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2014: Milestones And Moments

Look hard enough and every year is capable of producing a milestone or two. But 2014 turned out to be an exceptional year for me with at least six significant events which can be represented by the figures 38; 100; 500,000; 2; 1906; and 30,000. Guess who was the maths nerd at school.

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The Significant Space

Last week I was in Bali for a gathering of creative professionals called What If? It was truly life-changing. We learned a hell of a lot about ourselves and each other, and we were also inspired by amazing innovators including Richie Norton, Tamara Lackey and David duChemin.

This post is not about What If?, but it is very much a byproduct of it. There were many themes running through the four days we spent together but three of them deeply resonated with me:

  • Serve others
  • Ask for help
  • Don't f*cking waste time

In combination these helped me to get through a severe bout of procrastination and now I'm thrilled and proud to announce my new project: The Significant Space.

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