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On Location: Jackie and Cem at Observatory Hill, Sydney

Natural backdrops are always popular for wedding photos and for city weddings a visit to the park offers a nice contrast to the surrounding urban landscape. Moreton Bay fig trees are a particularly popular setting, which isn't really surprising given their size and the fact that two of the most iconic trees in Sydney are figs located outside Dunbar House in Watsons Bay and on Observatory Hill in The Rocks.

The challenge in photographing a tree is to use it effectively and I also like to push myself creatively by trying to use a tree differently each time.

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On Location: Gretta and Greg's wedding at the Opera Point Marquee

As creatives we are always trying to think outside of the box. Or outside of the marquee in this instance. Gretta and Greg were delivering their speech during their reception at the iconic Opera Point Marquee. With Amy safely covering the couple from inside, I allowed my natural curiosity to lead me outside onto the harbour foreshore.

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