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Scarlett had booked me to shoot her wedding. But before that special day came around she had another landmark event that I would be capturing: her hen's night, or at least the start of it before things got messy!

Scarlett's sister, Genevieve, had booked a Sushi Session with me and asked if she could use it to have a few shots taken of the 21 girls attending Scarlett's hen's night, all of whom would all be dressed in the appropriate colour of red. I had to give it some serious thought, but a split second later I decided that I would accept this difficult task!

So I turned up at Sydney's Darling Harbour and spent an hour being the envy of all men in the vicinity as I posed and shot the most fun and attractive hen's group hitting the city that night.







On a gorgeous sunny Sunday afternoon I took a leisurely stroll to the north end of Bondi Beach for a Sushi Session with Sabino, Lara and their gorgeous 6 week old son Alfie.

Despite a clear lack of control over bodily functions(!), Alfie was a little star and gave us some priceless moments.






I headed out to the village setting of Rozelle in Sydney's inner west to shoot a Sushi Session with Lisa and her girls Tay and Ellie. The sun was out but blustery winds were a concern, as were the huge bamboo trees in picturesque Callan Park which sounded as if they would snap at any moment. Fortunately we found a few calm, sheltered spots and had had some photo fun.





Spring has arrived in Sydney and not a moment too soon, as today saw the first of my special one hour Sushi Sessions get underway!

The location was Lyne Park, right by the water in Rose Bay, and the centre of attention on this gorgeous sunny day was Kim and Hamish's beautiful six month old daughter Ellie.

Despite the distractions of a typical busy Saturday in the park - touch football, birthday parties, ferries, seaplanes, and the odd capoeira dancer - Ellie was a little star and delighted us with her big smile and lovely blue eyes!