One From The Weekend: Stacey and Michael Bring The World Together


Stacey and Michael's wedding on Sunday was particularly special as it gave us our first experience documenting a Jewish wedding. We knew to expect an action packed day, so armed with extra memory cards and batteries we headed down to one of our favourite venues, Bendooley Estate in the Southern Highlands.

As expected it was a day full of tradition, emotion and of course, lots of dancing! However, what we hadn't seen before was a bride and groom making their entrance through a huge AFL-style banner, and what we could never have expected was a Catholic groom absolutely smashing the Hora, or the awesome Backstreet Boys dance routine that he and the groomsmen performed for a very surprised Stacey!

On a slightly deeper level, the ceremony (like many we've documented) included a call for marriage equality, and given that this day also saw a union of Catholics and Jews, and Essendon and Swans fans, we were left wondering whether the world could become a better place if everyone simply attended more weddings?