One From The Weekend: Alissa and Ben


One of the biggest dilemmas Amy and I faced when planning our honeymoon was whether to go away for five or six weeks (#firstworldproblems). Then out of the blue came an enquiry from Alissa and Ben whose wedding date meant that our honeymoon could "only" be a maximum of five weeks. Whilst we could have said that we were unavailable in order to get a six week break, we had a feeling that we should at least set up a consultation before making a decision, and we're so glad we did.

We loved effervescent Alissa and easy going Ben straight away and knew that we would be happy to return to Sydney after five weeks in order to document their day. And so it came to pass that the day after returning from Paris we were straight back into action with our first wedding of the new season. After a ceremony at St Vincent's College Chapel in Potts Point we went for a stroll around The Rocks area, including a stop at Observatory Hill during a spectacular sunset, before heading to the MCA for a gorgeous rooftop reception. It was a wonderful city wedding that brought home how lucky we are to live in a city that's always worth returning to.