One From The Weekend: Micaela and Dan Officially Have The Funnest Wedding Ever


We first met Micaela and Dan when they were guests at one of our weddings and immediately loved how ridiculously friendly and happy they were. They said they were getting married soon and loved the way we worked (which is always awesome to hear!) and when they mentioned that they were looking for a really fun venue Amy and I crossed all our fingers that we would get to be their photographers. As it turned out we only had to wait a week before they booked us and revealed they had chosen Luxe Studios in Darlinghurst as their reception venue. With a rooftop deck and huge photographic studio spaces we knew Luxe would be a perfect space for them.

Micaela is a graphic designer and her creativity shone through in her outfit which teamed a short top with culottes and a pair of bright yellow clogs. When I mentioned how much I loved her shoes Micaela giggled that these were replacements as she had done such a great job in hiding her actual wedding shoes from Dan that she couldn't find them! That statement alone summed up what turned out to be a wonderfully unstructured wedding day, free of traditions and complications. There were no group photos after the church ceremony; instead guests were transported to Luxe Studios in two chartered Sydney buses where drinks and the most amazing antipasto spread from Dan The Man was waiting for them up on the rooftop.

When it comes to location photos we always explain to couples that spending time with their guests is more important than having a photoshoot so we never take up any more time than is necessary to get a few awesome photos, and that's exactly how Micaela and Dan felt. So at some point during the late afternoon we decided to nip out the back door for 15 minutes and have some fun in the surrounding laneways. With their high spirits and giggly ways I knew that quiet and romantic images were straight out of the window, so instead I played to their strengths and hoped I could capture the joyous essence of these two beautiful souls.