One From The Weekend: Tash and Roy in a spontaneous act of creativity


Whilst it was the One Fine Day wedding fair that brought us together, I like to think that it was actually more a case of destiny. Let's look at this in more detail.

1 - We have recently returned from Europe where two of our stays were in Italy and Croatia. And guess where Tash and Roy are from?

2 - Furthermore, in Italy we visited beautiful Siena for the famous Il Palio horse race and supported the Onda contrada (city ward). And guess where Roy's heritage lies? Yep, Onda! And upon hearing that we had been supporting his contrada, Roy described watching Onda win Il Palio in 2012 as one of the happiest days of his life. I hear you brother!

3 - We love documenting couples having their wedding day THEIR way. So despite coming from cultures steeped in tradition, Tash and Roy were all about doing things differently and being spontaneous. Word.

And so it came to pass that as we wandered through The Rocks, Tash spotted an art shop and decided that we should make an impromptu stop. Sure, I thought. This will be awesome. And it was.