On Location: Gretta and Greg's wedding at the Opera Point Marquee

Gretta and Greg wedding Opera Point Marquee by Milton Gan.jpg

As creatives we are always trying to think outside of the box. Or outside of the marquee in this instance. Gretta and Greg were delivering their speech during their reception at the iconic Opera Point Marquee. With Amy safely covering the couple from inside, I allowed my natural curiosity to lead me outside onto the harbour foreshore.

I loved what I saw. Whilst the sight of the Opera House's illuminated sails and windows is always dramatic, the band's coloured lights in the marquee added a nice element of contrasting colour. I composed the image to feature the majestic sails (taking care not to crop the tips) but knowing that they wouldn't dominate the scene as the stronger blue light would draw the eye into the marquee where the action was happening. I also ensured that Gretta and Greg were in full view without any of the marquee's supports blocking or separating them.