One From The Weekend: That time when Diesel Rocked Up At Rachel and Jake's Wedding

Diesel makes a surprise appearance at Rachel and Jake's wedding

Whether or not you're planning a wedding, there's a good chance you've dreamt, thought or had discussions about which of your favourite musicians you would love to perform at your wedding. I certainly have, and if my best man is tuned into this post I hope he gets the not so subtle hint that I would absolutely love for Stevie Wonder to rock up at Byron Bay next year when Amy and I get hitched!

Rachel and Jake are huge fans of Aussie legend Diesel, a fact that Amy and I were very close to not finding out at all. The day had been awesome with Rachel causing jaws to drop everywhere when she appeared in a beautiful dress made by her mother, and Jake nearly bringing the house down (literally) when he swung Rachel so hard during their first dance that she kicked the floral installation hanging from the ceiling. We thought we had captured everything we needed to tell a knockout story and so had started to say our goodbyes when Jake's mother whispered to us that we should stick around for a few minutes; there was going to be a surprise. Moments later Diesel appeared on the tiny stage of Wagstaffe's community hall and performed an amazing rendition of Come To Me.

Suffice to say everyone lost their sh!t.