One From The Weekend: Maria and Kerry on a rock in a hard place (to park)


We should never complain about sunny wedding days in Sydney. Ever. But living by the coast always presents challenges when the weather becomes warm enough to slip your Havaianas on; namely that anywhere by the water will be packed and car park spaces become more scarce than affordable property.

But we love a challenge. So when Maria and Kerry requested a few photos in La Perouse after their wedding in nearby Little Bay, it was absolutely no problem at all. Suffice to say this is when one of the advantages of having two photographers came into play. Whilst Amy stayed with the car (which may or may not have been parked where it shouldn't have been, I really can't remember), I took Maria and Kerry for a quick stroll across the bridge and back and then up to this lovely spot where I could isolate them from the sun-worshipping throng and give them a moment alone.