Insider: Christian Louboutin


It's the dream of many a bride to sashay down the aisle in a pair of Monsieur Louboutin's finest. Unless, of course, you're Danielle Steel who reportedly owns 6,000 pairs and would therefore presumably want several wardrobe changes en route.

And while it's somewhat ironic that the designer who loves to run every day makes his fortune from impossibly high heeled shoes, nothing can deny that Mr Louboutin has carved himself a niche in fashion history with the help of a model's red nail polish. The iconic red sole has now become such a trademark and symbol of female empowerment that no other company can produce shoes with red soles unless the rest of the shoe is also red. Of course, if you wish to try following in the designer's tottering footsteps with a custom job of your own, or just need to retouch your originals, the particular shade of red you'll need is Pantone 18 Chinese Red 18-1663 TPX Class 25. Obviously.

This photo was taken from Eva and Diarmuid's wedding. You can see Eva in her full attire here.