Insider: Johanna Johnson Bridal


The tradition of wearing something blue was immortalised in rhyme during the Victorian era, but the practise dates back to ancient Israel when brides would sew blue ribbons into the hems of their wedding robes to symbolise purity, loyalty and faithfulness.

Christians also embraced the colour blue due to its association with the Virgin Mary, and until the late 19th century many chose it as the colour for their wedding gowns. 

These days many brides continue the tradition by incorporating something blue into their outfit in a variety of fun and creative ways; from shoes and flowers to garters and nail polish.

However, brides who find themselves in the enviable position of wearing a Johanna Johnson bridal gown on their big day have one less thing to worry about, as every gown comes complete with a sparkling blue Swarovski crystal stitched into the label.

This photo was taken during Beth and James' wedding. To see more of Beth's stunning Johanna Johnson ensemble, please have a browse of their gallery.