One From The Weekend: Annie & Frank

When I realised it was time to get out of my parents' hair and buy my own apartment, I started a search that would last for an entire year. I viewed over a hundred properties across the boroughs of South London but none of them grabbed me with that instinctive gut feel I was told I would feel.

Eventually I found my dream home in the most unlikely place. It was a huge Victorian conversion literally around the corner from my folks, on a beautiful, wide, tree-lined avenue that I used to walk along twice a day on the way to school and back. I couldn't believe that what I spent a year looking for had been under my nose all the time. But then again you see things differently when you're grown up, don't you?

Annie attended the gorgeous Santa Sabina college whilst living literally across the road from it. I wonder if, as a girl, she ever imagined that the historic buildings she saw every day would eventually provide the perfect location for photos on her wedding day?