One From The Weekend: Rebecca & Jed


Rebecca and Jed are possibly the most organised couple you'll ever meet. Here are two examples:

For the proposal Jed designed and created an iPhone app that he installed on Rebecca's phone. The next morning Rebecca discovered the new icon which, when activated, led her (with Jed in tow) on a treasure trail of cool places around Sydney. They finally finished up at Watsons Bay where a picnic (secretly set up by Jed's brother) lay waiting for them. With the sun setting over the harbour the timing couldn't have been more perfect for Jed to pop the question. And the whole thing was captured by his brother, hiding in the bushes.

As we worked together on the run sheet for their day it became apparent that photos with their family and friends after the ceremony would be very important, but as daylight savings had ended I advised that we would need to get through them as quickly as possible. So rather than just drawing up a list of the photos they wanted and who would be in them, they went a step further and published the photo list in the order of service booklet so everyone would have advance notice of which photos they would be required for. And it worked.

So it wasn't a surprise when they said they'll also supply examples of the types of photos they'd like me to get for them. At this point I knew they were getting too organised and that I had to say something. I explained that my style of wedding photography is to document the day as is unfolds using my own artistic vision, so trying to copy someone else's photos will just come across as fake. I added that there's a danger of overplanning and that their day should have moments of spontaneity. They should focus on having their own wedding day, not someone else's.

They graciously acknowledged, agreeing that they had booked me for my style and that they would like the day to unfold naturally. 

But then Rebecca sent me another email with a short message:

"There is one request - I heard there's a unique look on the face of a man the first time he sees his bride appear at the end of the aisle. Would you please be sure to capture Jed in that moment?"

That was one request that I openly welcomed as I've seen that look many times and it really is something that can't be planned. So as Rebecca made her entrance into the Mosman Art Gallery, my camera spun round to Jed and this is what I (and his brother) saw.