One From The Weekend: Jess & Grant

When it comes to special requests I try to be as accommodating as possible, and if necessary I'll pull out a bit of magic.

Jess was keen to have a photo under one of the big trees on Observatory Hill in The Rocks area of Sydney; a simple enough request given that she was marrying Grant just around the corner at St Brigid's. However, the weather gods had other ideas and their big day started under a heavy grey cloak as torrential rain wreaked havoc across Sydney. Not good. And by the time we arrived at the church there was no sign of improvement. The gumboots the girls had bought that morning looked like they were going to see action.

But during the ceremony something happened. Shafts of sunlight began to stream through the church's stained glass windows, and when the newlyweds emerged into the church's courtyard they found it dry, warm and sunny.

Not wanting to squander our good fortune we headed straight up to Observatory Hill and Jess got her photo. Sans gumboots. 

After an hour of photos, and with the sun rapidly setting, we headed back to the cars just as the rain returned and set in for the rest of the day. The timing couldn't have been more perfect, and while some might say it was divine intervention, I like to think it was just part of the service.