One From The Weekend: April and Michael



Saturday was special for all sorts of reasons. For April and Michael it was their big day; and for me, well, any place with Milton in the name will always make me feel warm and fuzzy.

On top of this April was the winner of Modern Wedding magazine's "Bride's Made" competition way back in mid-2012 which meant she won her wedding photography. That's right, she got me for free. Nada. Zilch. At the time giving away a free wedding seemed rational - I'd get heaps of exposure and publicity - yeah! But as the entry deadline got closer I started to wonder whether I'd done the right thing. What if the bride is of the Zilla variety? What if the wedding is in the middle of nowhere (admittedly this isn't always a bad thing), and what if I already have a wedding booked on the date they choose?

After all that stress it's highly unlikely I'll be doing that little stunt again, but on this occasion the reward was well worth the risk. April and Michael are an absolutely beautiful and kind couple, their wedding venue was in my favourite setting of the Southern Highlands, April's Mariana Hardwick gown was nothing short of breathtaking and I also got to work with the fabulous Robyn Pattison and Chanele-Rose Flowers. In other words I wouldn't have given up shooting this wedding for any other paid booking.

This was also one of those rare occasions when I didn't meet the couple until the wedding day. They had been based in Townsville since they won the comp and relocated to Sydney just a few days prior to the wedding, driving the mere 2,000 or so km. After that mammoth effort it seemed only appropriate that they should spend a few moments relaxing in the gorgeous French Bath House.