One From The Weekend: Michelle and Justin



It's not often that I post photos from late in the reception when the dancing is underway and I'm not sure why I don't do it more. After all, by this point all the formalities are over so everyone, especially the bride and groom, can relax and really celebrate.

Michelle had an extra reason to celebrate. November had set new rainfall records in Sydney, and on one of its wettest days Michelle faced the dilemma that no bride wants to deal with. With the ceremony two hours away the wedding coordinator at Q Station Manly called Michelle and asked her to decide whether she wanted to go with her preferred outdoor wharf location or the indoor wet weather option. And she needed a decision. Immediately.

At this point it was dry and the chance of rain had decreased from 90% earlier in the morning to 60%. However, the live maps from her meteorology app showed a storm front moving directly towards Sydney. It would be hit and miss whether an outdoor ceremony could get through unscathed.

A call to Justin made no difference; in true husband-to-be form, he said he was happy to go with whatever decision Michelle made.

What would you have done?

Some would have advised Michelle to play safe and go with the dry option and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. After all, there's a beautiful Anna Campbell dress and hours of hair and make up to preserve, let alone the comfort of all the guests.

But Michelle has a fighting spirit and a background in media planning where risks are encouraged and permission to fail is a tenet. She also knew she would regret choosing the dry option if the rain didn't arrive, so she confirmed that the ceremony would go ahead at the wharf.

For the next ninety minutes it looked as if her gamble had paid off, but with just thirty minutes to go the rain arrived. Cue severely anxious faces.

Fortunately it was just a passing shower and the wharf had dried out by time Michelle made her entrance. The rain returned shortly after the ceremony and grew heavier as the evening progressed, but it didn't matter. Michelle's decision had paid off and so with all the formalities complete, she fully deserved to celebrate.