One From The Weekend: Angela and Steve


Posing. The very word strikes fear into the hearts of couples and photographers alike.

No surprise then that pretty much every couple we meet with tell us that they love our bridal portraits but hate the idea of posing or being away from their guests for too long. That's cool because we don't like posing either and we definitely don't want to turn a wedding day into a photoshoot. So we reassure them that posing is kept to an absolute minimum and most of the images they see don't involve any posing at all. We simply head to a location with beautiful light, let them spend some time alone with each other, and get them back to their guests. Cue looks of scepticism.

But here's a perfect example of what we do. Angela and Steve had a beautiful, intimate morning ceremony at the gorgeous Bells at Killcare boutique resort on the Bouddi Peninsula. And as they were having a lunchtime reception we had just fifteen minutes for bridal portraits. No worries. We took them for a stroll around the property, letting them relax and do whatever came naturally. We watched as they strolled hand in hand through this paddock with Angela's stunning blue Carla Zampatti dress flowing in the gentle breeze. They stopped to turn around and head back. And then this happened. No posing; no cues.

Some would say we were lucky they kissed so passionately, but funnily enough couples (including the most sceptical ones) don't seem to have any trouble falling into naturally wonderful poses like this on their wedding day.