One From The Weekend: Annie & Joel


Nestled between Cecily and Daniel's Bowral wedding on Friday and our departure for Tioman Island on Sunday morning was the small matter of Annie and Joel's wedding.

Small as in a 5:30am start, then groom's prep, bride's prep, the groomsmen's assault on "Fortress Chung", and two tea ceremonies. All before midday. Small as in enduring a second day shooting in the blazing Sydney heat. And small as in nearly three hundred guests to keep an eye on all day until we left at close to 11pm.

But did we enjoy it? Hell yeah.

Annie and Joel are one of our favourite couples ever. From the time we met them we knew they were special. They're also absolutely gorgeous and their Love Session produced images such as this and this. So we knew their wedding would be worth waiting for, and we weren't disappointed.

It was difficult to select just one image to represent their wedding as there were so many amazing moments to choose from. I could have easily gone for one of the two hakas performed on the day, or the location photos around Curzon Hall, or the many tears shed during the speeches. And let's not forget Joel's fifty cousins who kept the dancefloor busy with some pretty spectacular moves all night.

But it was the bridal waltz that got to me. They slowly swayed to Extreme's "More Than Words", sung so exquisitely by the gospel soul voices of Out Of Salem that the lump in my throat was playing havoc with my efforts to keep my camera steady. And for those few minutes the same scene played out: Annie would quietly weep tears of happiness, and Joel would just smile and softly kiss her. It was a privilege to witness.