The Knowledge: Milk, Face Place & Spa

Amongst the many things a bride may fret about as her wedding day approaches, her skin is right up there. After months of planning and years of dreaming of this day, it's understandable that every bride wants to look as beautiful and radiant as possible.

And from a photographer's point of view the better the skin, the less retouching is necessary and the more naturally gorgeous the bride will look. 

Skilled make up artists such as Megan Vaughan can enhance and perfect the final look, but the ideal base to work from is always clean and healthy skin.

So as part of my mission to get my bride on I dropped by Paddington's Milk Face Place and Spa to chat with Sandra and Sarah about the treatments they offer brides and to test out LED light therapy for myself.

Milk is well established in Sydney, but for readers who aren’t yet familiar with you can you give us a bit of background?

Sure, we've been established in leafy Glenmore Road, Paddington since 2004. We started as boutique spa designed to deliver an exceptional day spa experience. In 2009 we shifted our focus to where we excel: in non-invasive, results-driven, facial rejuvenation treatments.


What would you say are Milk’s specialist services?

We specialise in high performance facial treatments, microhydrabrasion, LED light therapy, and clinical facial peels.


Many brides obsess about their skin on the lead up to their wedding day, particularly with their wedding photography in mind. Do you have a lot of brides and bridal parties contacting you and do you cater for them?

Definitely! Brides are amongst our very favorite clients and are often starting their treatments with us twelve months before their big day.  For each bride we design a facial package that suits them and will deliver radiant skin on her wedding day.

Which treatments are the most requested by brides?

LED light therapy is the most popular, and often combined with hydrabrasion and vitamin C facials. A hot stone massage helps to de-stress and relax, while a body wrap ensures that the skin is soft and glowing for the big day.



You kindly let me sample your LED light therapy and even though I already have amazingly youthful looks, my skin did actually glow and feel more taut the next day! Is it a miracle cure?

Absolutely! LED light therapy is a revolutionary breakthrough in phototherapy skincare. It's medical grade technology, clinically proven, and delivers a non-invasive and painless facial treatment. It's very different from laser or IPL (intense pulsed light) and suitable for both men and women. The benefits include reducing the appearance of visible signs of ageing and damage to the skin caused by time spent in the strong sunlight that we have in Australia.

I hadn’t previously heard of light therapy. Is it new and can you explain in a bit more detail how it works?

LED (light emiting diodes) is a relatively new technology and is pretty straightforward: red, blue and infrared light stimulates the skin at the cellular level to increase cellular activity, and this in turn stimulates the body to build new capillaries and improve the lymphatic system. Both of these are essential to creating younger, more healthy looking skin!

Some of the benefits our clients can expect to experience include:

  • increased radiance (the glow)
  • firmer skin (lifts aged and tired skin)
  • more consistent skin colour and complexion
  • increased circulation (due to formation of new capillaries)
  • increased collagen production for plumper, more youthful skin
  • increased oxoygen, keeps the skin renewed and fresh
  • reduced inflammation in skin conditions such as acne


 And does light therapy still work if fake tans or botox are present?

Absolutely, in fact we've been advised that light therapy can assist in prolonging the product in the system.

You also offer microhydrabrasion; can you tell us a little about that?

Sure. We know that daily use of sun block, moisturiser and makeup will clog the skin and regular cleansing and exfoliation will keep your skin topically cleaned. But what about getting deep down inside the pores to where dirty, blocked skin results in blackheads, congestion and blemishes?  That's where microhydrabasion comes to the rescue!

Microhydrabrasion is a painless, non-invasive, chemical-free treatment that removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells to reveal younger, fresher looking skin. It also stimulates circulation, lifts out impurities and, above all, has a super hydrating effect. Diamond tips vacuum and wash the skin using a system of water and aloe vera to literally flush pores while cooling and soothing the skin.


What other new technologies can we expect to start seeing in Australia?

LED is leading the way at the moment, but there are always new treatments being tested and we keep a close watch on them so we can always offer our clients the healthiest, safest, and most beneficial treatments.


You mentioned that brides quite often start their skin treatments twelve months before the wedding, but are there any last minute fixes that brides can book in for?

Muscle melt is an amazing body treatment and massage combination, and a single light therapy session the day prior will hydrate the skin. It is also deeply relaxing and a win-win for brides after their months of organising their wedding day.


Ever had a bride rush in on the morning of her wedding in a panic about her skin?

Not yet!


And let’s not forget the grooms who also love some pampering! What can you recommend for them?

Hydrabrasion with a mask would be perfect for that special man on his big day as it will deeply cleanse and brighten his face. A manicure would also be highly recommended, especially bearing in mind those close up photos during the exchange of rings. And a relaxing, hot stone massage is a perfect way to de-stress.


Finally, do you have a quick and easy tip for our couples?

Water, water, and more water!  A jug filled with ice, filtered water and fresh mint will assist to hydrate the body, while cutting some fresh ginger into hot water and sipping it during the lead up to the wedding day will help to calm those last minute nerves in the tummy!


Thanks ladies! 

If you have any questions about face and spa treatments that you'd like Sandra and Sarah to answer, please leave a comment below and we'll get back to you with the answers asap!

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