Sydney Wedding: Lara & Sab

I've had the pleasure of knowing Lara and Sab for a while now. Sab (or Sabino to his mother) was one of the first people I met when I arrived in Sydney six years ago and started at media agency OMD, and we worked closely until I left the agency earlier this year. Sab is one of the funniest people you will ever meet. And he's also one of the hairiest. Apparently the David Attenborough documentary "Life On Sab" has been given the green light.

Sab met Lara (an amazing graphic designer) in Sydney a few years ago. They're a couple of pommies who fell in love with Sydney, stayed a bit longer than they expected and, like me, proudly call Bondi their home. Unlike me they also have a kid, a cute little chappie called Alfie. Now the sad part. They've decided to get married (that's not the sad part) and are having their wedding in the UK where they are moving back to right about now (that's it).

However, they decided to have an additional ceremony in Sydney to make things legal (yay!) and this took place back in May and, quite literally, on their doorstep at Ben Buckler, the uber trendy headland at the north end of Bondi Beach. The days leading up had been pretty wild but on the day the weather was perfect as was the timing, late afternoon just as the sun was starting to set. The small, intimate gathering of close friends that was originally planned as a formality became more emotionally charged than either of them expected, and the dinner party reception at boutique restaurant Chaper One that they had hired out was nothing short of incredible.

I'm gutted to see them go but happy that Amy and I were able to capture some of their final and most treasured moments of their life in Sydney.


































































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