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I'm delighted, excited and super stoked to announce the launch of my monthly e-newsletter [unveiled]!

I'll be honest, it took me a while to commit to producing more content on a regular basis. But I appreciate that you lead a busy life and have more important things to do than sift through a gazillion Facebook updates every day! So whilst my website and Facebook page will always be the main outlets for sharing my work, [unveiled] will ensure you don't miss any of my recent news and weddings by heading straight into your inbox!

However, the main inspiration for [unveiled] was to go beyond photography. As a wedding photographer I've embraced the fact that my role also encompasses planning, coordinating, styling, and tissue carrying! And I also have a network of amazing wedding vendors. So I want to share our experience and knowledge of the wedding industry with couples who are in the process of planning the biggest event of their lives.

If that sounds like you then regular sections such as the knowledge, behind the seams, and a hitch in time have been written with you in mind.

And if you're not at that stage but keen on photography, click will deliver easy tips that will instantly improve your skills and make your images rock!

The first edition of [unveiled] launched yesterday and you can have a read of it here.

If you like what you see and would like to subscribe, it's as easy as filling in your details below. Thank you!

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