One From The Weekend: Supermoon

There were no weddings for me this weekend, so it was a nice opportunity to spend some time catching up with friends as well as doing more preparation for One Fine Day.

The camera did get a bit of a workout yesterday though. You might have heard about the supermoon - the largest full moon of the year. It graced us this weekend so I thought I'd head down to the beach to get a shot.

Tip time: If you want to take photos of the moon, moonrise is always the best time because the moon is closer to the Earth and therefore looks much bigger. There's also more light in the sky at that time which means you can capture the detail on the moon's surface as well as the surrounding environment. Once it's up in the night sky the moon just becomes a glowing white disc, so to capture the surface detail you need to seriously underexpose your shot which means any scenery around you will just disappear into darkness.

So here's my shot taken from Bondi Beach. I originally posted this on my Facebook page last night but that was low res and a little blocky so here's the reworked hi res version. The beach was packed and you can see all the stick figures packed on Ben Buckler. All in all it was good timing for a galactic event. The 5pm showtime meant the commuter kids weren't stuck in their offices, the tourists went home with nice souvenirs, and it was nice way to close the weekend. Good on ya moon!


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