The Craft: One Fine Day

I've always had mixed feelings about exhibiting at bridal fairs. Some of the big ones are nothing short of cattle markets where couples get swept along with the crowd and just about manage to pick up a leaflet from each stand let alone stop to talk to the vendors. Or they're full of bargain shoppers who are looking for the best show specials rather than vendors who are the right fit for them and their wedding. None of this is good for business.

But at the other end of the scale are some wonderful boutique fairs that pride themselves on catering for a specific audience by bringing together like-minded vendors who are a great match for both the couples and each other. I like these a lot.

So when I was recently approached by the wonderful ladies behind One Fine Day to exhibit at their very first event, I knew straightaway that I wanted to be involved.

One Fine Day is taking the boutique bridal fair to another level. On Sunday 27th May Sydney's famous Sun Studios will be transformed into an experience for the senses. There's going to be live music, food trucks, roaming models, a beauty parlour for the ladies and a Man Land for the boys complete with ping pong tables and beer! And the select group of vendors (many of whom feature in my Circle Of Trust) will be on hand to chat, laugh, advise and assure you that planning your wedding should be about fun rather than stress! There will be no hard selling, pressure tactics or bored looking people standing behind tables handing out leaflets.

If you need any more reason to come along, the girls are giving away FREE tickets for 24 hours! The clock has started and you have until midday on Saturday 24th March to save yourself $15. So get involved and book you and your bridal party one fine day out!