The Craft: Milton Gan 2.0

Today is different. I was up at 5.30am to get to spin class as I normally do on a Monday. But after that there was no recurring pattern to follow. No daily commute. No 9am start.

And there never will be.

Today I start my new career as a full time wedding photographer. It's a milestone to say the least and it's happening in a year which is full of significance. In January I was extremely proud to become an Australian citizen on Australia Day, and in March the hat-trick of big events will be complete. But more on that later.

Back to my new life, working from home and living the dream. Well, everyone's convinced I'm living the dream but there are pros and cons.

Things I'm looking forward to: being my own boss; working my own hours; using the gym when it's quiet; being that person that sits in bookshops all day drinking coffee

Things I'll miss: regular pay; my friends at OMD; free magazines; scaring people with my earthquake-inducing sneezes; my PC. HAHAHAHA. No, I really won't miss that.

What I'm particularly excited about: WPPI 2012

WPPI is the biggest convention for wedding and portrait photographers in the world and it's held every year at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Last year 16,000 photographers descended on Sin City for a week of seminars, masterclasses and workshops led by some of the best photographers on the planet. There are also networking events galore and a huge trade show. And rumour has it there are even parties...

This video from WPPI 2011 will give you an idea of what lies in store:

This year is expected to be even bigger and I'll do my best to perform a head count when I fly out there this Wednesday. My timetable is overflowing with classes but I've got a new notebook and I've worked out where Starbucks is so I should be good.

And when I return I'll be bursting with ideas, skills and techniques that will raise my business to the next level and provide my clients with an even better experience.

I'll also have more time to provide you, my amazing fans and supporters, with more real weddings, more insights into my craft, and a few ideas that I think you'll enjoy :)

Everyone wins.


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