Sydney Wedding: Marc & Justyna

This is a tale of two people, three countries and three (yes, three) weddings. Marc's a Sydney boy and Justyna is Polish. They met in Ireland where they had both headed to for work, and after several pints of Guinness they got engaged. Ok, that might not be exactly how it happened but you get my drift. What I do know is that Marc proposed to Justyna by parking a huge truck outside her office with "Justyna I love you! Will you marry me?" emblazoned on the side. Thankfully she said yes, or possibly "tak" which is Polish for yes.

Wanting the best of both worlds they decided to have weddings in Sydney and Poland. The Sydney wedding would be first and as the couple were still based in Ireland Marc contacted the amazing Girl Friday Weddings to help organise it. As there would be lots of Justyna's friends and family heading to Sydney for the first time, Sarah and her crew recommended the Australian National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour as its CBD location would provide spectacular skyline views as well as being right by the water. Sarah kindly recommended me for the photography and I was joined by video ninja Rob from Encore Media.

The couple actually became legally married the previous day in a small, private ceremony but for all intents and purposes the day I captured was a full scale wedding, just minus the signing of the register.

I met the whole bridal party at newly rebranded hotel and casino The Star where they were slowly recovering from the celebrations the night before. Once ready it was just a short stroll to the jetty where the couple tied the knot for the second time, although this ceremony included the Polish tradition of having a vodka shot! Location photos were taken around Pyrmont's amazing Jones Bay Wharf as well as on HMAS Vampire, the battleship parked outside the museum. The reception took place inside the museum's brand new Terrace Room and was heavily geared towards the Polish contingent. Think bottles of vodka on every table, shots every ten minutes and traditional Polish wedding games involving groping of flesh and a bit of messy dress up! And that was just a taste of things to come for the couple who would be doing it all again in Justyna's home town a couple of weeks later!































































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