The Craft: 2012 In Review

2012 was a momentous and significant year for me. Perhaps not quite as significant as the human race surviving impending doom and destruction, but there were certainly highlights that warranted phone calls to my mother and sharing with fine folk like yourself.

It was a gentle start to 2012 with just two weddings in January (we would eventually photograph twenty-seven for the year) plus my citizenship ceremony on 'Straya Day. But in February things got serious as I farewelled the long lunches and free magazine subscriptions of the media industry to go full time as a wedding photographer. I was intent on being successful so I started my new career as anyone would: by heading to Las Vegas.

Ten months later and there are some people who still don't believe I was there for WPPI, the biggest gathering of wedding photographers in the world, and to learn from some of the best on the planet. But I was, and it was worth it.

In March the weddings continued but with extra firepower as my better half Amy started working as my second photographer. It's incredible just how quickly Amy learnt the ropes and adopted my shooting style and now after eighteen weddings she really is indispensable  The fact that Amy has spent whole weekends on the road with me whilst also having a full time job is further testament to just how much of a trooper she is. 31st March was also a big day although I wasn't photographing a wedding. Instead I was up the coast at Blueys Beach celebrating the end of my thirties and praying that Nivea would not discontinue Q10 for men.

2012 was a year of firsts. In April we photographed our first wedding in Adelaide and in May we exhibited at the first One Fine Day bridal fair. During the fair I received news from Melbourne that I had won my first Canon APPA award. June saw our first wedding in exotic Bali and August was the debut of the beautiful Hunter Valley onto our books.

At the end of September Amy moved into my Bondi Beach home studio. Now, I'm not saying the place wasn't already presentable, but clients who have since visited us for their consultations have definitely noticed Amy's little styling touches.

And on the the subject of style, that's been a rather big theme for 2012. Throughout the year I felt myself grow and mature as a wedding photographer. I realised why I don't want to be the best and noticed a definitive style emerging through my work. With each wedding I photograph I'm feeling myself getting more and more in tune with what a wedding is really about: two people in love and the special people around them. Of course I love to capture all the gorgeous styling and details, but what really drives me is to see, feel and capture the raw emotions and personalities - the smiles, laughter, hugs and tears, the parental pride and the quirky traits. Moments that might not seem particularly special to you if I blogged them, but which mean the world to the people who count: my clients. In fact I've become so passionate about people having a wedding day that really reflects who they are that I'll be launching a new blog in early 2013. Stay tuned.

My passions for style and writing combined in November when I was very excited to join the team at Polka Dot Bride as a writer on men's style for Polka Dot Groom. It's an exciting time for groom style with a range of influences providing inspiration for the big day, from the sharp retro fashion of Mad Men to the modern elegance of Bond. I'll be exploring the looks, how to achieve them and how to finish them off properly in my monthly column Essentials.

That brings us to the current wedding season and the last few months have been a rollercoaster of adrenalin with seven weddings in November and five in December (six if you count the one where we were guests for a change).

And now on the last day of 2012 I'm excited to think about the adventures we'll have, the couples we'll meet, the images we'll craft, and the stories we'll tell in 2013.

It goes without saying that the support from you - our friends, family, clients, supporters and visitors has been crucial to the success of the business. You inspire and motivate us to produce better and, er, betterer(?) work, so thank you and on behalf of Amy and myself I'd like to wish you an extremely fine new year and leave you with a few of our favourite images from the year that was 2012.

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