One From The Weekend: Jemma & Leigh


As Leigh was getting ready at his family home I noticed a very familiar print hanging on the living room wall - "The Singing Butler" by Jack Vetriano.

The Singing Butler is one of my favourite images and is certainly the most famous painting by the Scottish artist. The timeless romance of the couple dancing on the wet, windy beach has captivated millions of hearts across the world and each year it consistently outsells any other UK artist for posters and postcards. But Vetriano's extensive Art Deco style portfolio also has a darker, broodier side that plays heavily on the contrast of light and shadow.

During their reception at the Opera Point Marquee I saw the opportunity to create a Vetriano-style image with Jemma and Leigh that combined both the romantic and moodier sides of the artist's work.

I hope you enjoy it, and on that mellow note I wish you and your families a very merry Christmas.