If you follow me on facebook you'll know that I LOVE traveling to new places to shoot weddings and that heading overseas for a wedding is something I've been looking forward to, like, forEVER! So it would be quite an understatement to say I was stoked when I headed over to Hawaii recently to photograph my first destination wedding!

The special couple tying the knot under the Polynesian sun were Sarah and JR, who met in Hawaii a couple of years ago when Sarah (an effervescent Kiwi) had just embarked on a few months of traveling around the States. Sarah's first stop was Hawaii and it was there that she met JR, a strapping 6' 7" sergeant in the US Army. They maintained a long distance relationship while Sarah traveled and JR served overseas, but their bond just grew stronger and eventually they were reunited in Hawaii where they started a new life together and got all engaged!

While their home is on the main Hawaiian island of Oahu, Sarah and JR decided to wed on the neighbouring island of Kauai at the Marriott Kauai Beach Club. Kauai is beautiful with lush vegetation and breathtaking canyons, cliffs and craters. So its title of the "garden isle" is well deserved. Mind you, Kauai is also overrun with wild roosters but I don't think renaming it as the "farmyard isle" would have quite the same appeal!

Friends and family jetted in from around the world and spent the days leading up to the wedding enjoying the spectacular resort and getting to know each other through cocktails, bbqs and beach volleyball. But mostly cocktails!

On the big day it was an early start for me. That's 5.30am early, to capture the purple skies as a new day arrived. The rest of the day unfolded perfectly with the bride and groom's prep in their suites, a gorgeous ceremony in the gardens of the resort and a fire-knife dancer entertaining the guests before the reception commenced in the most dramatic outdoor space I've ever seen!

With the formalities complete it was time to cut shapes and something of a Kiwi v Yankee dance-off ensued which continued long into the night as the reception ended and the after party began!

Anyway, you're here for the photos right? Ok, brace yourself cos here comes a whole heap!


Marriott Beach Resort Kauai


palm trees


Kauai surfers


rooster on Kauai golf course


Marriott Kauai Resort


bridge in garden


palm tree leaf


fan of leaves




Hawaii plant


Hawaii flowers


decorative pin


bridesmaids shoes


wedding bouquet


wedding dress hanging




bride in make up


bridesmaid laughing






















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