Not much beats a Sunday Love Session, even in the middle of winter. Not that you would think it's the coldest time of year given the crowds of sunbathers that descended onto Bondi Beach at the weekend! The Winter Festival ice rink on the world famous sand was the only indication that people should have been wrapping up rather than stripping off!

There were certainly no complaints about the warm afternoon sunshine as I made the short trip to Sydney's gorgeous Centennial Park with my good friends Jacqui and Stuart. They've booked me for their September wedding at the Gunners' Barracks and were keen to include a Love Session in their collection.

The park was understandably busy but we found a range of great locations to capture some really sweet moments and make use of the props that Jacqui and Stuart had brought along especially.

As the sun dipped, the golden light it delivered was truly spectacular - just check out the glowing highlights on their hair! Jacqui is also well known for her amazing blue eyes and long eyelashes so keep an eye out for those too!