I believe in a lot of things, such as the ability for cheesecake to heal all wounds. Or at least take the pain away for a while.

I also believe in the art of craftsmanship. The devotion of time, energy and expertise into creating a quality product (such as a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake) gives it soul, and makes ownership of it that much more pleasurable.

Winemaking is a craft I hugely admire. I rue the fact that I don't have a very sophisticated palette (yet) but I appreciate the work that goes into producing a fine wine, and I'm prepared to pay what it's worth to sample it. Given the cost of something like Penfold's Grange I don't get to sample such pleasures too often, but at the same time it makes those occasions when I do have a drop, that much more special.

Photography is also a craft, hence the name of these journal entries where I shed light on the awesome industry I work in. It's true that the artisanship of photography has been reduced a huge amount due to the digital revolution, but a camera and Photoshop alone cannot produce amazing images. There still needs to be a photographer behind it all, and it's that person's eye and expertise which will set them apart from others.

The same goes for album making. It's all too easy to get photo books made on the high street for $30 and those are great for recording holidays and birthdays. But when it comes to the special, one time, life changing event that is a wedding, something more fitting and appropriate is required. Something that will reflect the effort the bride and groom have invested over the last year to produce that one spectacular day; something that will showcase and complement the professional touch the photographer has applied to each of the wedding photos; and something that will become a proud family heirloom for future generations to enjoy. And that you can show off to your friends!

Think of it this way: after a wonderful outdoor ceremony at the Gunners' Barracks, would you then have your guests head to Warringhah Mall food court for the reception? Of course you wouldn't. So why would you treat your valuable photos with any less respect than they deserve?

There are lots of excellent album makers out there, and some photographers will offer products from several suppliers. But I'm a loyal, monogamous kind of guy so I've been looking for just one supplier to work with, whose ethos, products and services are on par with mine. And I'm extremely pleased to announce that I have selected an awesome company hailing from New Zealand, a country renowned for its natural beauty and hand made products. That company is Queensberry.

I won't go into the history of Queensberry here, but suffice to say the starter kit I recently received conveys the tradition, heritage and loving care that goes into producing each of their albums. I was having palpitations just unwrapping my parcel and almost keeled over when I saw a sample page with my studio name printed on it (cue cheesecake remedy), so I can only imagine how exciting it must be for newlyweds to receive their own beautifully packaged bundle of joy!




The Queensberry range includes Queensberry Press books, Classic albums and the exquisite, custom-made Musée albums. All of these will be offered in my new Wedding Story Collections, so please contact me to find out more or to arrange a catch up where you can browse my gorgeous sample books.

In the meantime, please take a few minutes to admire the craftsmanship of album making, Queensberry style:


Made By Hand from Queensberry Partners on Vimeo.