One of the amazing features of the photographic community is the sheer amount of camera bags we have! But another great aspect is the generous sharing of knowlege. Photographers are a pretty social bunch and we see each other more as colleagues than competition. This means we are all too willing to help each other learn new skills and raise our games in order to make the world a more photogenic place!

To that end I've started blogging as a guest contributor on Current Photographer about life as a wedding photographer. This website exists purely for the purpose of creating a community where photo enthusiasts everywhere can learn and develop their skills from the tips and advice shared by those with more experience.

I've always loved fielding questions from friends about photography, and now as a wedding photographer I'm often asked specifically about how to get started in the business, which I'm more than happy to address. This is because I recognise the need to have even more talented wedding photographers available to all the gorgeous couples who want amazing photos from their most important day. As it stands there are far more weddings per year than there are professional photographers to shoot them, so the supply of skilled photographers is well short of demand.

Note that I said skilled. The falling cost of technology means that digital SLR cameras are in abundance and it won't be long until pretty much every household has one. This in turn has led to a new wave of "weekend warrior" photographers who, armed with their DSLRs set to Auto, believe they are capable or taking on the huge responsibility of capturing a wedding. Now that's not a complaint. It's awesome that the enthusiasm is there. But contrary to popular belief, great photos don't come from great cameras; they come from skilled photographers who understand light and composition and know how to push a camera to its limits. Hence the need for those with experience to spread the love.

So if you're interested in learning how to shoot weddings or just curious about what goes into shooting one, please look out for my regular column "Tying The Knot" which is published on Current Photographer every other Wednesday. New posts will be announced here as well as on my facebook page and my twitter feed. And if you're on twitter then it's also worth following Trevor Current for updates on all Current Photographer news and blog posts.

Below are my posts that are already live. I try to make them as interesting, entertaining and memorable as possible so please have a browse and feel free to ask questions or leave comments. Enjoy!


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